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How To Pull The Un-Pullable

The One Life Skill That Drastically Improves Your Chances Of Taking Her Home
“I don’t have my wallet, phone, or the keys to my hotel and I don’t know where my hotel is… So I can’t leave my friends.”
These were the words that came out of her mouth when I began my pulling process…
I was standing in a chaotic club on Bourbon Street in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, with a girl who’d given me all the signs that a pull was possible. Matt Vee had opened the group earlier and introduced me to one of them. After initially flirting together at the bar for a short while, green lights started going off in my mind:
  • Good Levels of Investment – Tick.
  • Emotional Engagement – Tick.
  • Qualifying Herself – Tick.
I started to build compliance by leading her around the venue, we moved to the dancefloor. She was wearing some weird-ass onesie leopard costume to match the ridiculousness of Mardi Gras and displaying how competent she was at grinding her booty in my crotch region.
I took her to the side of the dancefloor, leaned with my back against the wall and got into a “position of advantage”. From there we started making out…
Not too much making out though, just the right amount to continue building sexual tension without becoming “the make-out guy” and destroying all of my previous not-so-difficult work.
At this point, it was looking very positive. It felt like a textbook pull was about to go down when she hit me with the statement:
“I don’t have my wallet, phone, or the keys to my hotel and I don’t know where my hotel is… So I can’t leave my friends.”
So what did I do?
Once you’ve been in enough pulling situations, you start to become familiar with the roadblocks. You learn the difference between: “This is a polite way of telling you that I’m not ready yet” and “I genuinely want to go with you, but you have to solve these problems.”
One is NO. The other is YES but…
This situation was the latter.
When you’re in this situation you need to be creative. You need to think:
  • What’s the solution to this?
  • How can I fix this?
  • How can I get around this?
You need to be able to solve problems. Your ability to solve these problems will have a direct influence on the number of times you get laid.
If you focus on escalating or building more attraction, that will NOT get you any closer to taking her home. No matter how much she likes you, if her friends disapprove, if she needs to be awake at 6 am for the flight, or if she doesn’t know how to get home, you need to find the solution.
This principle is relevant for almost every pull you go through, be it in daygame, nightgame or on dates. Be prepared for a hurdle or two. Once you get REALLY good at this, you’ll be able to solve her problems before she even brings them up.
This was basically the same situation I had when I had sex with a girl at Beijing Airport during a stop-over, which you can read about here:
Often times you’ll find that once you give the girl the necessary solutions, the pull will go down effortlessly…
So anyway, we’re in the club, she’s given me the green lights, we’ve made out a bit, but she’s hit me with these problems. What did I do next?
I walked up to her friend who was still on the dancefloor…
“What’s the name of the hotel you guys are staying at?!” I shouted over the top of the loud music.
She told me the name, I took out my phone and put it into google maps.
“Is this the hotel you’re staying at?” I said in my girl’s ear as I showed her my phone screen. She nodded and I saved the location in my phone. I turned back to the friend and shouted:
“Put your number in my phone!” She typed her number in. “Pull out your phone!” I shouted again, as I tried to call her… Wrong number. Fuck.
“Do it again!” I shouted, this time with mild frustration. She had another attempt at entering her digits. I called her again, this time it went through. Yes! I showed both phone screens to my girl so she could see that I had her friends number.
Luckily I had already spoken to the friend earlier at the bar. I’d done a good enough job that she was in favour of her friend leaving with me. Also, I think she had a bit of a thing for Matt so that also helped us.
After all of that, I turned to my girl and said “Alright, so I have your hotel saved in my phone, I can walk you home and I have your friends number so she can let us in… Let’s go.”
I took her by the hand and we walked out of the club…
From there, everything else went smoothly.

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