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Introduction to JP V

Specializes in:

  • Daytime Approach, Hooking, and Pulling from Instant-dates
  • Natural Vibe and Sexual Charisma
  • Bad boy Flirtation
  • Style and Fitness Aficionado

Email: jp@toddvdating.com

Content: Introduction Video & Infield

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*Please book with the appropriate link based on your program. Do not book any calls until you have been assigned a coach by Roy or Todd. Email roy@toddvdating.com with any questions.

Ready to level up your game?

Learn my step-by-step system on meeting women and having great interactions. Thousands of my students use this exact system to make a strong approach, spark attraction, get the woman chasing, and take her home. No more cluelessness and fumbling with your words. You’ll know exactly what to do at every stage of the interaction.

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