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Pre-Program Requirements

1. Purchase Recording Equipment

The first pre-program to-do is to purchase recording equipment. Most of our online coaching students, even those where English or Spanish isn’t the dominant language, record their sets. This is the best way we can give you detailed, accurate coaching. If you feel comfortable recording your sets, then let us know, and we can work out alternative ways to conduct coaching.

In an ideal world, you have a wing who can film your video to combine with your audio. (If you need help finding a wing, check out Todd V Wings.) We HIGHLY recommend this because we can coach you on all aspects of your game, including approach angle, body language, physical escalation, etc. To film your game, any camcorder, such as the Sony Handycam, works great.

Regardless of your ability to film your sets, you’ll need a quality microphone so we can hear you. We recommend this setup:

The total cost for the microphone setup should be around $100. Though there may be cheaper alternatives that work, we highly suggest buying premium audio equipment because this is one of the best investments you can make in game. Once you listen to your first set and hear the difference between what you think happened and what actually happened, you’ll see why.

If you already have good equipment, feel free to use that instead. It has also been reported that some of the recommended equipment is outdated, so feel free to select the equipment that you think will best get the job done.

To ensure the best audio quality, remove the windscreen and clip, and attach the mic to your shirt or skin like this. Avoid wearing too many clothing layers that will dampen the audio.

2. Download Audio/Video Editing Software

If you don’t already have audio (or video) editing software on your computer, now’s the time to download it. Here are our recommendations.

AudioAudacity (free)


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