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She Wants You. BADLY!

If a girl tells you she has a boyfriend right before sex but, she’s on your bed, and you guys have done everything but sex. She wants you. BADLY!
Completely up to you on what you choose to do after hearing this but, doing the bad thing feels good for her😉(Harsh truths)

Line I’ve used consistently:
“Relax babe, I don’t want to take you from him that’s not my style. You can be his forever but, for tonight, you’re mine.”😈

Don’t worry too much about the line itself but, more so the mindset it’s coming from. Clearly displays, I don’t want to be your boyfriend without saying it. It sub-communicates, I know you’re sexual and you don’t have to hide it from me. We both want and crave the same thing, so lets make it happen. This stays between me and you and if you don’t say anything to him, neither will I.🤐

I’ve had angry BF’s call me and I’ve had to pretend to be her gay-friend. 40 mins later she texts me saying “Thank you”

Women, love it when they meet a guy, that understands them in this way! Women are just as, if not more, sexual than us guys. If you know and understand that, they’ll love you and thank you for it🙏

Try it out and see if it works for you.


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