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We begin the Program by first understanding your unique game experiences, logistics, and goals. Then, we put ourselves in your situation, and together we create the best custom plan for you to be successful over the course of the program. Each subsequent week will focus on improving your game by overcoming one sticking point at time, starting out with the foundations of game and working toward more advanced skills. Follow the program, and together, we’ll take your game to the next level.

Every week, you will have a 1-on-1 call with your personal coach and a group call with Todd

1-on-1 Calls

This is the most critical part of the program for improving your game. Each 1-on-1 call, done over WhatsApp audio, consists primarily of you quickly debriefing your week, breaking down your infield recordings and/or text and online game PDFs, and finally getting missions specific to your top sticking point(s) to do for the week to come. This “one sticking point per week” focus is critical to making rapid, compounding improvements in game.


  1. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your infield recordings. Analyze your sets as soon as possible after each session. Immediately listening to your audios and/or writing field reports ensures the key details are still fresh in your mind and helps you reduce a weekly feedback loop to that of a couple hours. When you have your coaching call, you’ll also be able to compare your assessment to that of your coach, and this will help bolster your self-diagnosis skills.
  2. Upload your infield to YouTube. Watch our Infield Audio Edit & Upload Tutorial to learn how to prepare your audio recordings as unlisted YouTube videos with timestamps. If YouTube says your recording length is too long, check out this link. Realize that if you’re going out at least three days a week and/or have long sets, you’ll have more sets than is possible to break down during your call time. For this reason, we suggest you prioritize ahead of time in what order you’d like to listen to them.
  3. Upload any additional PDF material to the relevant week’s folder. This material can include field reports, text and online game screenshots, and/or photos for style advice. To create a PDF, take screenshots of the texts or online profiles that you want coaching on and insert them in a Microsoft Word document. Add page numbers (Insert>Page #) so you can easily reference each screenshot you want analyzed on the call. Finally, save this as a PDF and upload it to the relevant week’s folder in your personal Google folder.
  4. List questions to ask your coach on the call.

Group Calls with Todd

These group calls are where you get exclusive access to Todd’s private Q&A sessions, where he’ll answer up to three of your questions per week. The calls take the form of a webinar by which you’ll see Todd answering all the questions live. If you can attend the session, you can ask any follow-up questions you may have. If you can’t, don’t worry, we’ll send out notes and a recording link in the week following every call.


  • Register for the group call. About five days prior to the webinar, you’ll get an email with all the relevant logistical details. Be sure to register for it so you can add the event to your calendar and automatically get a recording link sent to you a few hours after.
  • Submit your questions. Use the link in the aforementioned email to submit up to three questions. Keep in mind that all online students will watch each group call (which is in a webinar format), so the best questions are those about experiences that have happened to you multiple times. Specific and niche questions are typically best for your 1-on-1 calls.

Note: Once you begin receiving the group call invitations, you cannot pause them. They must be completed consecutively.

Group Calls will be recorded and uploaded to Todd V Group Calls.

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