Online Dating Fast Track

Better Matches and More Dates Without Wasting Your Time

Week 1

Build a High-Converting Profile

  • Take Photos Women Love
  • Write Bios That Work
  • Match With Your Ideal Woman
  • Receive 6 Personalized AI Photos

Week 2

Turn Matches Into Dates

  • Send Effective Messages Without Wasting Time
  • Learn Todd’s Match2Date Funnel
  • Plan Dates She Won’t Flake On

Week 3

Maximize Results

  • Expand Your Match Sources
  • Increase Your Number of Dates
  • Maintain a Consistent Flow of Matches

Week 4

Optimize Results

  • Build an Evergreen System
  • Adapt to Girls’ Blueprints
  • Increase Your Conversion Rate


Weekly Missions

Mandatory assignments will be given to ensure your success in the program.

AI Photos

Get 6 Personalized AI Photos to kickstart your profile.

1-on-1 Support

Get private calls and your own private slack channel to get personal feedback on your photos, bios, and messages.

Course Material

Get access to Online Dating Academy and Online Dating Fast Track exclusive materials to get results FAST.

Classroom Sessions

Meet with your coach every week to discuss the fundamental lessons to improve your online dating.


In just 1 week, Thomas was able to get 3 dates with his ideal women: 20-25 y/o intelligent and educated women (one of them was a lawyer, one was pursuing her Master’s Degree, and the other was a psychology major).

What was the secret to getting these dates?

The Match2Date Funnel.

Here’s some of the reasons why we use this funnel:

  1. It’s one of the most efficient ways to get women out on a date.
  2. It breaks the ice.
  3. You can show off your amazing personality that doesn’t fully come across through text.
  4. You can see if your match is as beautiful as she is in her photos.
  5. You can go on a “date” with her before even seeing her in person.
  6. You can get her to start chasing.

And so many more amazing reasons…

When this funnel is done correctly, the girl will be HOOKED.

You will wake up to “Good morning” messages and she will now start to carry the burden of the conversation.

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