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The Roadmap Call

Far too many students make the same mistake over and over again—poor preparation. This Roadmap call with Todd will plan you for the journey ahead.

On the call, Todd will

  • Diagnose your sticking points
  • Set your goals
  • Structure the coaching program around your life
  • Discuss preliminary exercises to start taking action
  • Lay out the most efficient path to take your game where you want it to be

This may be the most important call you will have in your journey. By determining what you want and how you will get there, you will make leaps and bounds to take yourself further than the average man who makes haphazard goals and performs mindless actions thinking he will eventually get good at game.

You can book the Roadmap Call with Todd here.

Make sure you add Todd’s Skype ID (59ae5b2ae98d7604) and send him a message telling him who you are.

Post-Call Assessment

Take this assessment after you complete your coaching call.

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