Steal My Lines


  • I love your look, so I had to come over and find out if you’re as cool as your look suggests
  • You look like trouble in the most adorable way
  • You look so New York (obviously could work for any iconic city depending on her look)
  • Hey, you looked bored over here, so I thought I’d come over and amuse… myself 😉
  • Sorry, I saw you looking at me, so I had to come over and say hi.
  • Did you really just do that?! (if she does something worth teasing on near you)


  • You and I are not going to get along
  • I think you might be the girl my mother warned me about
  • Part of me loves you and part of me hates you
  • Do you know what I love about you… absolutely nothing ;)… just kidding etc etc.
  • (For two or more girls) You seem (positive and nice characteristics)… you, (pause) … you’re
  • (insert more negative but charged characteristic… “trouble” “devious” etc)
  • Please stop being so cute, it’s distracting


  • Please tell me you’re not one of those (insert type) peopleHmm… that’s actually pretty cool. Now I’m intrigued; tell me more.
  • You’re not so bad to talk to… are you also (insert trait/characteristic you like in a girl)
  • What am I going to find out about you in about an hour that’s going to totally convince me you’re
  • a bad idea?
  • You’re cute, but what have you got going for you besides your looks that will keep me intrigued
  • If you were me, would you date you?


  • Wow, I can’t believe I just met you, it feels like so much longer…
  • I’m really enjoying this, but I don’t think we should make the sex tonight.
  • Where did you even come from? I wasn’t planning on meeting anyone tonight
  • Tell me something about you that would surprise me
  • I don’t normally tell this to someone I just met but (personal story)
  • Please don’t fall in love with me… I’m bad news 😉


  • It was nice talking to you, what’s your #?
  • Can I trust you? Okay, in that case we can hang out for a while longer I guess…
  • You can come in, but I have to get up early in the morning, so it’s just for a little bit
  • I’m actually going the same way… I’ll split a cab/uber with you if you promise to behave on the
  • way
  • Sounds good, what does your schedule look like this week?
  • Hmm… so if we wanted to continue this, how would we do that?

*Note… seeding the close properly matters much more than the final line you close with, but I still thought I’d include some typical lines*

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