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3 IMPORTANT LESSONS From My 6 Year Obsession With Game Which Lead Me To Becoming A Todd V Dating Coach

My 10 minute Personal Introduction.
Hey guys,
Have you ever thought about how one tiny decision can be responsible for changing your entire life?
At the time it seems so small, so insignificant.
But if it hadn’t happened, your whole life would have turned out completely different.
Well for me, that’s exactly how I can describe the moment I first discovered game.
“What the fuck is this?!?” I remember thinking…
I stumbled upon my first pickup forum completely by mistake.
I remember sitting in a friend’s apartment in Berlin, and decided to search for “Best nightclubs in Berlin to pick up girls”…
“Wait a second, you mean there are actually guys that talk about this shit?”
“You mean I can actually learn how to get better at this?”
Now there is no way in hell I would have believed anybody who tried telling me how much that moment affected my life.
That my whole dating and sex life would end up completely transformed.
The amount of insane experiences that would come from that moment.
That 6 years later I would be living in Barcelona teaching Men’s Dating Advice and Success with Women with one of the most badass companies on the planet…
But that one google search was the moment for me that changed everything.
I was 22 years old at the time, and as much as my precious ego didn’t want to admit it…
I had NO FUCKING IDEA what I was doing with women.
I remember an extremely embarrassing instance way back before discovering game…
There was a girl who actually happened to like me, so I took her on 3 dates.
I picked her up from her house, took her to the movies, sat next to her and awkwardly put my arm around her.
Then afterwards took her home, dropped her off and drove away.
Without doing a single thing…
I took her on that EXACT SAME DATE three times in a row, without trying once to escalate or make a move.
How fucking stupid is that?
I knew I should’ve done something, but I had no idea what to do.
I had no idea how to escalate or move it forwards. And because of that I was afraid to do anything.
I did nothing because I was afraid of failure, and as a result it led me to failure.
Nothing ended up happening because I had zero clue what the fuck I was doing, and of course she got sick of it and moved on.
And I had no idea what had happened…
But the most frustrating thing was this:
Deep down I 100% believed I deserved to have better results with women.
I was a decent enough guy. But the sad truth was that I had no fucking idea what I was doing wrong.
And that shit sucked.
A lot.
So straight away I became pretty obsessed with this Pick Up Forum.
There happened to be ONE guy on the entire forum who lived in the same city as me.
So once I got home from Europe we met up and started hitting the field together.
I had some early success during this period, but after about a year I hit a MASSIVE roadblock in my journey…
My buddy was focussing on his business and stopped coming out so I had to go out alone.
Doing solo game was difficult.
Not only that but I lived in a small city so daygame was limited…
I remember I would do Night Game on my own which I often found to be disastrous.
Going out sober on my own was one of my biggest initial sticking points.
Sometimes I would be so fucking stifled in the club.
I would spend the entire night walking around stuck in my head without doing a single approach.
I would go home feeling defeated and frustrated.
So I would force myself to go out again the next night to redeem myself and actually do some approaches.
On top of that, my job made it even harder.
I would usually have to wake up at 6am for work and then spend the entire day on a construction site.
Going out alone sucked and I knew I needed to meet wings…
So I decided to do something about it.
On a Thursday night I would drive an hour and a half to Brisbane which was the closest city so I could meet new wings.
I’d get home from work at 6pm and go straight to sleep.
I’d sleep for 3 hours, wake up at 9pm, take a shower and drive to the city.
I’d meet up with wings, go out until 2am, then drive home and be in bed by 4am.
I’d get 2 hours of sleep and have to wake up at 6am for a full day of work the next day.
It was fucking exhausting, but I had no other option.
As much as I loved having like-minded guys to go out with, this lifestyle was unsustainable.
With both my work and living in a small city becoming a major obstacle to my success I constructed a master plan…
I would save up $20,000, quit my job and move to Europe for an entire year so I could focus on game.
And that’s exactly what I did.
Holy shit…
What a whirlwind of a year that was.
This was the year everything started coming together.
And the crazy experiences began…
Watching the sun rise from a balcony sitting in a jacuzzi with a naked Finnish girl…
While at the same time listening to that song that goes “I love bad bitches that’s my fucking problem”.
Sleeping with a cute French girl on my friends floor while the sun was coming up.
Having sex in an elevator.
Sleeping with 2 different girls in under 24 hours in Austria.
The stories go on…
Not to mention the incredible relationships I created with girls.
Some of which I still speak to and see today.
Countless hours of game.
Countless approaches.
Countless rejections…
And my fair share of successes.
I was finally starting to see the fruits of my labour.
But there was one MAJOR problem…
I still lacked consistency.
I struggled with running out of things to say.
So I focussed a lot on “Self Amusement” and learning to “Vibe”.
I thought that was the right thing to do, because that’s what I was taught.
I learned to talk shit.
I was doing “State-Based Game”
So when I was “in the zone” I was fine…
But if I wasn’t feeling it, game was impossible.
I also struggled with getting sexual.
Turning conversations sexual.
Sexual topics…
Talking about sex.
My interactions lacked Man-to-Woman Premise.
So most of the time I got laid was usually when the girl already liked me.
I would fumble my way to a location where sex could happen, and then it would go down.
I was at the true definition of “Intermediate Purgatory”.
I had made leaps and bounds since the beginning, but I knew I could do better…
After this year in Europe there was no way I could go back to my old life.
No fucking way.
The old me and my old lifestyle was finished.
So when I got home I moved to Brisbane which was the closest city.
I got a completely new job in hospitality so I would have more time to go out and continue working on my game.
I moved into an apartment with an epic view of the city on the 14th floor.
The building was 1 block away from the main nightclub area.
It was here that I learnt how good it is to have incredible logistics.
Optimising things in your life for game can make things a hell of a lot easier.
Bringing girls home became easy when I lived a 2 minute walk away from where I was going out.
I started organising local meetups and helping out other guys in the community. As well as continuing to go out myself.
I was more obsessed than ever.
My results were definitely better than when I had first started this journey.
But I still lacked structure.
I had no structure in my verbals, and no structure in my process.
As much as my results had improved, they were still very random…
And I didn’t like that.
I was still frustrated.
I wanted to step it up even further.
I wanted to reach my full potential.
Up until that point I had never received any form of coaching.
And to be honest, I was a little skeptical.
Did coaching ACTUALLY work?
Would it make that much difference?
I was determined to break through this Intermediate Purgatory.
So I had no other option.
It was time to get coaching.
It’s crazy how when you want something badly enough you’re able to find ways to make it happen.
Travelling from Brisbane to New York City to take an Immersion Program would cost me around $6k-8k…
And my job in hospitality at the time kept me far from wealthy.
But I had unclaimed long service leave from my previous career in construction.
That would be the money that funded the trip for the program.
Immersion was epic, and worth every cent.
I pulled on the first night with Todd, and pulled multiple other times throughout the program.
I even had sex at an airport during a stopover on the way home.
But that is a story for another post…
I had so much momentum after this program, it was unbelievable.
But the most valuable thing of all was this:
Finding out my blind spots.
The things I was doing wrong that I didn’t even know about.
Things that were massively hurting my game, that I may have never become aware of.
The difference was night and day.
And I wouldn’t have even known about these things if I hadn’t have done the program.
I felt fucking unstoppable when I returned to Brisbane.
I pulled and successfully closed 3 times in the first week after the program.
I had learnt to be more structured.
As well as eliminating bad behaviour.
Which lead to me having far better results.
I remember one night going out alone, I pulled and closed a cute Argentinian girl on my first approach.
On a separate occasion, a girl opened me in the line of a club in the beginning of the night…
I ended up taking her home, we had great sex, and then I went back out to keep gaming.
I remember pulling a stripper, who asked me questions like “Do you live nearby?” And “Do you have drinks at your house?”
She basically seeded the pull for me lol.
She ended up giving me a lapdance in my living room before we had sex.
There was another occasion where me and a friend pulled two blonde Swedish girls.
It didn’t work out between my wing and his girl, and she wanted to go home…
So my girl gave her the keys to their place and told her she could leave, but she would stay and spend the night with me.
I actually ended up dating this girl for a few months after.
I had finally cracked the code.
Every single aspect of my life at that point was designed around game.
My job, my apartment, my friends, my entire lifestyle.
I had come so far from when I first made that Google search in Berlin.
I was a completely different person.
I had dedicated an incredible amount of effort into improving this area of my life.
So much so that other areas needed attention.
Especially my career.
At 27 years old I was still just a guy who had quit his previous job of 9 years in construction.
I was far from financially stable.
At that point I was working in hospitality, and there was no fucking way I was going to do that for the rest of my life.
My dating and sex life had been completely elevated.
I now wanted to elevate the other areas of my life.
I wanted to make a difference.
To have a positive impact on this world.
I’d briefly kept in contact with Todd after my Immersion Program…
And the idea of working with Team Todd definitely interested me.
So when the opportunity arose to intern for the company, it was a pretty easy decision.
After my final interview confirming I had the position I went into work that same day and quit my job.
I couldn’t believe it.
I was now preparing to travel to Miami, where I would spend the next 3 months.
Except for one problem…
I sold everything I owned to have enough money to support myself.
I sold my car, my motorbike, my old work tools, I even sold my bed.
I guess in a way I wanted to burn the bridges.
It was pretty stressful.
I had given them a date I would arrive, but still needed to sell all my things to have enough money.
But somehow the stars aligned and I pulled it off.
It was without a doubt one of the best decisions of my life.
My time in Miami was incredible.
Beautiful city, beautiful beaches, beautiful women, beautiful night life.
I actually met my current girlfriend there.
But that is once again another story for another post.
Working with this team and this company has been amazing.
It was a situation where being surrounded by the best forced me to step up.
To prove myself in front of the team, and the students.
The results and the feedback I got from my students really solidified my ability to actually coach and help others.
I was honored after my internship period when Todd told me he would bring me on as a coach.
I’ve been working with the team on Immersions, and various other coaching roles ever since.
Travelling the world, meeting beautiful women, and helping guys do the same.
I’m now excited to call Barcelona home. Even though we will be travelling a lot for upcoming Bootcamps and Immersions.
It’s crazy when I look back at my life. How much it has changed.
It’s like a massive journey, and there’s definitely still more to come.
But that’s my story up until this point.
If you can relate at all, or if this offers you some inspiration or motivation then I am glad to hear.
If I could offer you 3 things from my journey that I know would massively help you…
It would without a doubt be the following:
Let me explain:
1. Commit To Your Journey.
Everybody’s journey in game is completely different, and completely unique to themselves.
You should never compare yourself to the next guy.
However if you really want to reach a high level in this…
You need to commit.
There should be a period in your life where you give this your full commitment.
It doesn’t have to be forever
Something like 6 months to a year is plenty.
Now don’t get confused with this.
I do NOT mean letting your whole life turn to shit because all you do is game.
Take care of yourself.
But give game your prioritised focus.
Also DO NOT stop going out if you can’t do this right away.
This is NOT an excuse not to go out.
You can still work on your game when its not your primary focus.
What’s most important is that you don’t compare yourself to the next guy.
You are where you are and that’s okay.
You will get there.
As long as you commit.
I promise it will be worth it.
2. Optimise. Optimise. Optimise.
This may seem similar to committing, but it’s different.
This one is important.
There are things you can do in your life OUTSIDE of going out that can improve your results a TON.
Things like the city you live, the places you go out, the apartment you live in, the people you spend your time with.
The more of these things you can optimise to make game easier for yourself, the faster you will see results.
If you’re COMMITTED to learning game, but live in the countryside… Things will be hard.
If you’re COMMITTED to learning game, but live with your conservative parents… Things will be hard.
If you’re COMMITTED to learning game, but do night game and start work at 6am…
Things will be fucking hard.
I know because I did it.
Optimising your lifestyle to make game easier is one of the best things you can do to help.
Now once again, don’t go completely fucking your life up.
Take care of yourself.
But I quit multiple jobs, I moved to new cities, got better logistics, made new friends.
And it was some of the best decisions I ever made.
3. Learn Structure.
This is massive.
It may be a little tricky to get your head around in the beginning
But if your a fan of our teachings here at Todd V Dating…
You should already be familiar with structured game.
It may not seem like it at first.
But learning structured game will help you massively in the long run.
It’s like having an exact gauge of where you’re at in any given interaction…
And knowing exactly what to do next.
Even if its a little clunky for you to begin with…
Stick to it.
Once again, I promise it will be worth it.
Learning structure was the catalyst for me that changed everything.
We teach structure to everybody who comes on Immersion.
I teach structure to my online clients, and structure on my Bootcamps.
And the results are amazing.
Hopefully you don’t need any further convincing…
So in conclusion…
Commit. Optimise. Structure.
I hope this story inspired you. I hope you enjoyed the lessons. And I hope you apply them.
I’m looking forward to helping you all out as much as I can…
So don’t be shy. Let me know of any thoughts, questions or comments you may have below.
As busy as my schedule currently is, I’ll do my best to make time for you.
I look forward to hearing from you.
But for now, keep taking action!
Speak soon.


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