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3 Reasons Why Your Dates Don't End In Sex

How much does it suck when you finally start meeting up with girls and you feel like sex is just around the corner, but for whatever reason it’s not going down?
You’re SO DAMN CLOSE, but frustratingly enough your dates are still ending with something like:
– “Thanks for a really nice night” *kiss*
– “I’m not that kind of girl”, or
– “I think we should take things slow”
If you’re regularly going on dates, then you should be regularly getting laid. But if this isn’t the case, then we have a problem.
So today I’m going to take you by the hand (no homo) and lead you through the field so that you can finally make the home run.
Here are 3 elements you MUST consider, to have a chance of doing what Dan Peña would consider “getting your willy wet”.
1. Mindset
One of the biggest reasons you’re not getting laid on your dates is because you aren’t even considering it a possibility. – This is the root cause of it ending with a kiss on the cheek and a “thanks for a nice evening.” Which is a pretty poor result if you want to get laid.
If you’re like most guys who go on dates with the mindset of:
– “I wonder if I’m going to get a kiss at the end”, or
– “I hope I’ll be able to kiss her”
Then this is your first mistake.
The problem here is that you’re putting all your emphasis on kissing the girl as if that’s the number one goal. The kiss should be the fallback option, not the main goal.
You aren’t even considering sex to be a possibility.
Instead, you should be approaching your dates with the mindset that sex is possible, and sex is the end goal. THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE AIMING FOR.
So if you’re not doing this already, you need to do as Stephen Covey suggests: Begin with the end in mind.
2. Logistics
The second biggest reason you’re not getting laid is because you aren’t following the 6 P’s:
Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
Prior planning is crucial to having your dates end well. I recommend having 1 or 2 intermittent locations you can move to throughout the date. This will make it far easier when it comes to taking her home, as opposed to sitting in one location for the entire duration.
As well as this, plan your dates in a way that’s LOGISTICALLY IN YOUR FAVOUR.
Put some thought into locations and activities that are close to your house, or close to the location you plan on escalating to sex. Even if there’s that awesome rooftop bar, but it’s 30 minutes from your apartment, forget it. The closer one is still the better.
Besides, the girl should be meeting you for you, not because you sold her on some special location or activity.
So to sum it up, remember this rule: Failing to plan is planning to fail.
3. Conversation
Now, obviously your conversation over the course of 3 – 5 hours is going to have a great impact on how your dates go. This is important to be aware of. But instead of identifying every suitable topic to talk about, I’ll identify the element that’s usually missing from the dates that don’t end in sex.
This element makes all the difference when done correctly, and it’s something you’re probably doing wrong, or not doing at all…
Establishing Sexual Topics.
You want to convey that you’re an openly sexual person, and that within your reality, sex is not a big deal. This will help her feel like you won’t be judging her for sleeping with you.
She needs to feel that sleeping with you will not be a social risk.
There are many different ways to do this, but for two super simple techniques you can check out my article called: “How To Never Have A Platonic Interaction Ever Again”
Which you’ll find here:
It’s important to note that it’s not only about the topics you discuss, it’s about HOW you discuss them. Remember – You need to convey that sex to you is not a big deal.
So start practicing this on your dates and reap the rewards.
Hopefully this has given you some clarity. Treat this article as your general roadmap to dates that end in sex. If you really want to improve the quality of your dates then you should ask yourself this final question:
What can you do differently on your dates to make them end better?
Speak soon.


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