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She Flew Across The World To Be With Me

What You Need To Understand To Keep Quality Girls In Your Life
What would inspire a girl to fly to the other side of the world to be with me?
What was it about me that stood out from the others?
What’s the difference between a guy who’s constantly able to keep girls around, and the guys who struggle to get a second date?
Let me explain:
On a warm and sunny morning in Miami, I was enjoying my breakfast at a restaurant by the beach. As I was eating, my attention was interrupted by the hostess. A Latino girl with olive skin and a mysterious smile. I liked what I saw…
I started flirting with her after I’d finished my meal. Her face lit up instantly as I spoke to her, it was clear she was interested. So we exchanged contact details and agreed to meet up on her next day off…
A few days later we started casually sleeping together.
What started off as fun and intense sexual encounters slowly turned into more of a deep and passionate connection. This continued over the course of a month or two…
After being with a ton of different girls, I knew this was a girl I’d be happy to keep in my life, but there was a problem. I’d soon be leaving for Europe, where I intended on living permanently.
I still remember the day I left. Tears were rolling down her face as she stood cold in the rain, watching helplessly as I got into the taxi for the airport at 5:30 in the morning.
Fortunately, this was not the end of our story…
After some back and forth messaging over the course of a few weeks it was clear she missed me and wanted to see me again. This was fine with me, so the decision was made. She would get a European visa, quit her job in Miami and come to Europe to be with me.
Shortly after this, I was picking her up from the airport in Helsinki.
Now here’s the important question:
What is it that you need to do to create situations like this for yourself?
I see a lot of guys in the pick-up community with 100% of their focus on how to keep “upping their numbers”. Once they’ve slept with a new girl, it’s on to the next. While it’s important to be able to consistently bring new women into your life, this should not be viewed as the end goal.
Sometimes we get so caught up in the techniques, the lines, and the strategies that we can lose sight of the bigger picture.
If all you aspire to achieve is nothing more than a massive lay count, then you’ll be missing out on a whole deeper level of happiness and fulfillment. You’ll start to feel empty and worthless, like something’s missing…
After dedicating thousands of hours working on improving the quality of my dating life, the girls I meet, and the relationships I have, I’ve come to learn exactly what it is that keeps girls around.
It comes down to one simple word…
More importantly…
High Value Behavior.
In order to keep girls around, you need to be a person who’s worth being around…
Your behavior is what forms your identity, your “character”, and has the largest effect on the experience somebody has when they spend time with you.
If you don’t cultivate the behavior of a high-value man, you won’t be viewed as somebody worth spending time with.
Behaviors like assertiveness, independence, and leadership just to name a few.
Think of it like this:
If you’re offering a product to the world, you want to have good marketing so people will buy your product…
You could have incredible marketing, causing a lot of people to buy… But if the product sucks, then the customer won’t be satisfied. They won’t want to buy from you again.
You are the product and game is your marketing.
If you, as a person, are a “shit product”, then girls won’t want to keep coming back for more.
Improve your behavior = Improve the product.
If this is something you’re unsure of, here’s an exercise you can try:
Start by looking at yourself from a 3rd person perspective…
Imagine that you’re a character in a movie. Think of the way your character lives its life. How does your character behave? Is your character the type of person that can keep girls around?
If the answer is no, then try thinking about a different character who is. What’s the difference between the two? How does the second character behave differently?
This will help you get an idea of whether or not you need to start changing your behavior.
You see, being able to keep girls around, having them come back for more, and creating some form of connection is the next level to your dating and sex life.
The way you look, the way you speak, and the words you use will only get you so far.
If you want to keep girls around for more than just a one time fling, you need to start behaving like a man that’s worth being around.
You need to behave like a High Value man.
Simple as that.

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