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The Second Crucial Element To Any Solid Interaction ( Part 2 )


What I’m about to cover in this post is a direct link to how likely the odds are of a girl going home with you.

I remember reaching a whole new benchmark in my game when I started to implement this…

There was a period during my learning process when I was 100% focused on what to say. Nothing but verbals. I could have long, engaging, man to woman conversations…

But I was only getting laid sporadically. My sex life was very random, uncontrollable and frustrating.

If you feel like you’re often standing in one place, talking to a girl for long periods of time while thinking to yourself “What should I say or do next?” Then this post is going to help you out a ton.

What I’m talking about here is COMPLIANCE.

Compliance is a DECISION, whether conscious or unconscious, to do something with, to, or for you. The more decisions made in your favour, the stronger the compliance.

But why does this even matter?

Building strong compliance establishes you as a LEADER. Not only is leadership a fundamentally attractive behaviour, but being able to lead an interaction in your favour makes it much easier for good things to happen.

Now the purpose of this post isn’t to dive deep on all sorts of complex “Compliance Hoops.” Honestly, I’ve seen people get a little too caught up in this, so I’m going to cover what’s actually necessary.

What I’m talking about here is moving the girl. Inviting or suggesting she moves to a different location with you and having her comply.

Here’s a general rule, or “mantra” to simplify it for you:

If you can’t take her to the bar, you probably can’t take her home.

There are two main categories we can break this down to, and you can call it whatever you wish. For the sake of this post, let’s call them Small Compliance Moves and Large Compliance Moves.

Doing a Small Compliance Move is a great way of establishing leadership and testing how likely the girl is to comply, before doing some sort of Large Compliance Move.

Let me give you some examples:

  • In Daygame: If you stop a girl in the middle of a busy footpath, you can move to the side of the footpath by saying: “Let’s step over here for a second so we’re not in the way” and take a couple of steps over.
  • In Nightgame: If you open a girl in a busy part of the club, but there’s a table or a wall a few steps away, you can do the same thing here.

One that I personally like doing in the club is leaning with my back against a wall whilst having the girl look at me. That way all of the chaos in the nightclub is behind her, and it’s only me in her reality.

Whether you do this in daygame or nightgame, these Small Compliance Moves are great to add to your interactions.

They require less investment, but she’s also more likely to comply when you go for a Large Compliance Move because she’s already made the decision to move with you once.

You don’t always need to do a Small Compliance Move first, but it’s good to have this in the back of your mind.

Which brings me to the second category: Large Compliance Moves.

This is a larger form of compliance, think going to a cafe for an instant date or going to the bar in the club for a drink.

To illustrate the effect of this I’d like to present you with two different scenarios:

SCENARIO 1: You spend an hour with a girl in the exact same location. You may cover all sorts of different topics and even “build comfort”, but you don’t move at all during that entire time.

SCENARIO 2: You only spend 30 minutes with the girl, but you move to 3 different locations, spending ~10 minutes in each. You still cover a range of topics, but not to the extent of the first case.

Which scenario do you think is more likely to create a connection between you and the girl?

If you guessed, 2 you’re right. This is because your perception of experience is much stronger than your perception of time.

Now if you’re wondering about more specifics of how to successfully gain compliance, one of the simplest rules I can give you is the following:
It’s difficult to gain compliance without first gaining investment.

If you’re asking the girl to move somewhere with you and she’s often rejecting the attempt, you should be focusing on building more investment first.

Think of investment as poker chips. Once you have a good amount of poker chips you want to cash it in for some compliance.

I’ve written an entire post on investment, which is the first of these two crucial elements of any solid interaction.

You can find that post here:

Once you have strong levels of investment and compliance you should have a strong chance of being able to take her home. Your next step is to put the pieces of the puzzle together and logistically find a way to make this happen.

I Hope you got something from this post. Here’s a mission I would normally give to my online clients to help learn and implement it:

Every interaction you have that lasts over 3 minutes – Try to move the girl at least once.

Try this next time you’re out and let me know how it goes in the comments below. Along with any other thoughts or questions you may have.

Speak soon!

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